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Gower Houses

Gower’s Houses

  • Thraex - Brave, helpful, honest, resilient (Lion) - YELLOW

  • Essedarius - Hardworking, patient, loyal, fair (Horse) - RED

  • Secutor - Intelligent, accepting, prepared, witty (Eagle) - GREEN

  • Retiarius - Ambitious, kind, genuine, resourceful (Shark) - BLUE



  • Build community among different grade levels

  • Promoting school spirit

  • Promoting healthy competition

  • Promoting good behavior

  • Social-emotional lessons

  • Provides leadership opportunities for students

  • Give an opportunity for service projects.


Each Year:

  • Quarterly Themes:

    • Creating a family​​​​​​ - Community & team building, getting to know each other, buddy system, wearing team colors, etc.

    • Serving our community (Gower Gives Back) - Choose a service project and work on it throughout the quarter

    • Supporting everyone - Going to one another’s activities or sports, weekly affirmations for others within their house, opportunities to present their skills

    • Compete with honor - Sportsmanship, healthy competition, year-end field day competition.